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As an experienced IT and business consultant, I offer a range of services to help businesses optimize their operations and achieve their goals. Here is a brief overview of my areas of expertise:

  • IT Project Management: I have extensive experience in managing complex projects, coordinating with cross-functional teams, and ensuring successful project outcomes.

  • Digitalization: I specialize in helping businesses integrate digital solutions into their operations, from implementing new software systems to optimizing existing processes.

  • Artificial Intelligence: I can help harness the power of AI to automate tasks, streamline operations, and gain valuable insights from data.

  • Web3 & Blockchain TechnologiesWith my expertise, I can help leverage decentralized technologies to create innovative solutions and unlock new opportunities.

My skills

Exceptional communication and coordination skills, delivery of outstanding technical solutions and customer support even under pressure.

IT and Business Consultant
Web Designer 80%
Project Management and Technology Expert
Web Designer 100%
Operations Management
Web Designer 65%
Implementation Management
Web Designer 55%
Web & App Development
Web Designer 70%
Software Development
Web Designer 46%


Web Designer 100%
Web Designer 90%
Web Designer 80%
Web Designer 70%


2017 - 2024

University of Hamburg

Business Information Technology, Germany

Excelled in rigorous coursework, demonstrating a strong aptitude for both technical and business disciplines with standout projects in web applications and IT entrepreneurship.

2008 - 2012

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Information Engineering

Utilized skills in electrical engineering & software development, to develop & implement tailored solutions that improved user experience & streamlined service delivery platforms.

2006- 2008

Heidelberg University, Germany

Studienkolleg - Applied Computer Science

1993 - 2006

German International School Beirut, Lebanon

Brevet & Baccalauréat Libanais



2012 - Present

Freelance, Self Imployed

Leveraged extensive academic training in software development and business analytics to provide consultancy services that optimize and automate business processes, leading to significant improvements in efficiency and effectiveness for clients.

  • IT Consulting: Specialized in agile and technical project management, software and web/app development, quality assurance, and customer support.
  • Project Management Services: Expertise in managing complete project lifecycles, ensuring projects align with strategic business goals.
  • SaaS Implementation and Training: Proficient in onboarding users on SaaS platforms, enhancing user satisfaction through effective implementation and problem resolution.
  • Custom Web Solutions: Specializes in customizing and implementing Websites and eCommerce Systems.
  • Quality Assurance: Conducts thorough quality assessments and customer satisfaction analyses to refine systems and ensure user satisfaction.
  • Content Delivery Projects: Experienced in developing and managing content delivery for various digital platforms.
  • Business Development: Leads initiatives in marketing and sales, focusing on improving customer engagement and loyalty.

My rapid assimilation into a complex role is supported by my quick learning ability, analytical thinking, and conceptual prowess, allowing me to deliver practical, operationally sound solutions. My proactive approach, coupled with a relentless pursuit of excellence, enables me to exceed expectations regularly and achieve sustainable results. My ability to lead creative workshops and manage risks effectively in an international setting is particularly appreciated, as are my strong interpersonal skills and professional demeanor, which makes me a valued team member among peers, executives, and clients alike.

2017 - 2019

Mesaic Technology GmbH

Role: Implementation & Onboarding Specialist

During my tenure at Mesaic Technology, a pioneer in optimizing business processes and enhancing customer interactions through innovative messaging solutions, I played a key role in shaping customer experience strategies. My primary responsibilities included:

  • Technical Sales Support: I excelled in providing technical and functional solution designs in an international context, assisting in feasibility assessments, and contributing to business discussions such as ROI calculations.
  • Project Planning and Execution: My agility in planning and executing projects shone through meticulous milestone and work-package planning, closely coordinating with internal product and tech teams to ensure flawless implementation.
  • Quality Assurance: I upheld the highest standards of platform stability and functional integrity, leading to substantial improvements in our service offerings.
  • Continuous Product Improvement: Leveraging customer feedback, I spearheaded initiatives that enhanced product features and customer satisfaction significantly.

This tenure at Mesaic not only honed my expertise in client-facing roles but also underscored my commitment to delivering high-quality technological solutions under pressure, traits that I carried into my freelance consultancy work, ensuring a seamless transition in service quality and client satisfaction.

2016 - 2017


Role: Web Developer

At Effective Webwork, I played a critical role in advancing open-source software solutions tailored for educational and library services. My key contributions included:

  • Website Development: Spearheaded the development and customization of websites, particularly enhancing the usability and functionality of the CommSy platform, a prominent e-learning solution.
  • Project Collaboration: Collaborated effectively with cross-disciplinary teams to deliver projects that set benchmarks in user-friendliness and innovative functionality.
  • Open-Source Advocacy: Actively engaged in open-source communities, contributing to the development of software solutions that promote independence and innovation in educational technologies.

2014 - 2016


Role: Technical Project Manager

At FUERSTVONMARTIN, a leader in digital marketing solutions, I leveraged my extensive background in IT project management to lead and execute ambitious digital projects, including website relaunches and SEO content strategies for premier clients like Carissa and Blume2000. My role involved managing all phases of the project lifecycle, from initial concept through to deployment, ensuring alignment with client objectives and market trends. I played a crucial role in integrating cutting-edge technologies and platforms, to drive client engagement and optimize digital marketing efforts, consistently achieving top search engine rankings and enhancing user engagement across various platforms.

2013 - 2014


Role: Software Developer

During my time at Transwaggon, a leading provider of rail freight transportation, I was instrumental in developing and maintaining sophisticated software solutions that streamlined operations and enhanced the efficiency of cargo handling and tracking systems. My responsibilities included optimizing logistics software and implementing real-time tracking systems, which significantly improved operational reliability and customer satisfaction. My efforts supported Transwaggon’s commitment to offering dependable and innovative rail transport solutions across Europe.

2012 - 2014


Role: Content and IT Project Manager

At Philipp und Keuntje, a creative agency known for its dynamic approach to advertising and digital communication, I led innovative projects that bridged technology with creative marketing. My role involved the strategic development and management of digital campaigns, integrating cutting-edge technologies and data analytics to enhance campaign effectiveness and client engagement. I managed key projects including the development of digital platforms like Audi’s iPad eKatalog and Wie Einfach eMagazine, which significantly boosted user interaction and digital content delivery. My efforts supported PUK’s mission to create impactful, data-driven marketing solutions that resonate deeply with audiences.

2009- 2012

BarclyCard, Barclays Bank UK PLC, Hamburg Airport

Role: Business Development & Sales at Hamburg Airport

At Barclaycard, I spearheaded initiatives that significantly enhanced the customer experience at Hamburg Airport. My role centered around the strategic marketing and sales of Barclaycard products, where I implemented targeted customer engagement strategies that increased card uptake and retention rates. By integrating Barclaycard’s focus on convenience and customer loyalty, I successfully improved service quality and customer satisfaction, aligning with the company’s high standards for excellence in customer relations.


"Yhab's quick learning and analytical thinking allowed him to master the complex role of Implementation & Onboarding Manager rapidly. His strategic and operational solutions, combined with his unwavering dedication, have significantly enhanced our customer experience strategies and operational efficiency."
Dr. Gerald Däuble
COO, Mesaic Technology GmbH
Yhab Hammoud demonstrated exceptional capabilities during his time at Transwaggon. His quick grasp of complex processes and software development skills were outstanding. Yhab's work in developing specialized software and conducting software tests contributed significantly to our operations. His enthusiastic participation in Agile Project Management training further highlights his commitment to continuous learning and professional growth."
Carsten Schiering
CEO, Transwaggon GmbH
"Yhab consistently exceeded our expectations with his profound expertise in platform economies and agile project management. His commitment to quality and ability to engage effectively across teams under high pressure were instrumental in driving our business forward."
Sebastian Kellner
CEO, Mesaic Technology GmbH

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